The toughest day of the season

19 December 2009

The cold snap continues and today was bitter because of a fairly punchy northerly wind. We had some decent skiing off the Borsat in wonderful light but after freezing on the Fontaine ‘tres’ Froid we had a hot chocolate and called it a morning. (I’d ‘twigged’ my back and was feeling a little fragile but everyone was rather keen for a hot bath) Oli tells me that JM had a good afternoon up at the Fornet with his ladies team, you brave people! Wills and Rosie have arrived with their Dad Rob and Gill, Millie, and Katie arrive on the 27th. Olivier’s family arrives tonight for a holiday and Jean Marc’s family is coming for Christmas as well. I’m busy trying to finish my painting project and have one week to go, so wish me luck! More of the same is forecast for tomorrow with a chance of snow early next week.

Sports Report- Interesting results in the Premiership with Man U losing to Fulham and Portsmouth beating Liverpool, which is bad news for the Hammers. If we lose tomorrow against Chelsea we’ll take over the bottom spot in the table. Terrible!

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