-22C in the village but don't forget your swim suit

20 December 2009

The sky was a perfect blue this morning and Radio Val announced -22C in the village at 7AM. Burr! Anyway, Chris, JM and I opened up on the Kern and it was so warm in the sun that Gideon and Jean took a layer off. They were both sorry about 30 minutes later when we arrived back on top and felt the wind again and were reminded that it was still a jolly chilly day. We had a pretty good day skiing the Kern, Lower Borsat, Col du Palet, the top of the Glattier, and the Familial. Chris snuck in a Chardonnet and Olivier and JM ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup. Thomas was out there somewhere and Andreas has the pleasure of working with Tansy as they entertain their Thai clients who are big on proper lunches. I must say the weather is perfect for wonderful dining! Thanks to Jean for taking photos the past few days because you need to be a brave and dedicated man to take off your gloves in this weather. Chapeau Jean! The forecasted clouds rolled in right on time this afternoon and light snow has been falling ever since. The forecast is for a cloudy day tomorrow and much warmer with maximum temperatures of -3C at 2000m and -5 at 3000m.

Sports Report- Rejoice all you Hammers fans! I took time off from my painting to watch West Ham fight hard for a well earned point. It could so easily have been three, but any self-respecting Hammers fan would have gladly taken a point before kick-off. It was a proud performance from a team under huge pressure.

Don’t forget your swimming trunks.

The new pool, which opens tomorrow, looks absolutely stunning! I’ve never seen a better looking facility and the children are going to love it with its slides. There is a fitness area and spa as well and I’m sure the new complex is going to be a huge hit.

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