20 to 40 centimetres are forecast for this evening

22 December 2009

It was +1C in the village this morning, and what a contrast from the -22C of a couple of days ago! With decent light Thomas, Chris and I all headed up to the Fornet and we had a cracking good ski up there. In places it was 30cm’s deep and in others we had 10 to 15cm’s on a smooth base. I was a little surprised by the quality after yesterday’s high winds and it really was good. We skied the Combe du Signal followed by a couple in the Pays Desert and Thomas skied a lovely Combe du Geant. Jean Marc went to Tignes and skied an excellent Chardonnet followed by the Sache. I’m not sure about what Henry and Olivier skied but they too headed towards Tignes. I had a 4-hour painting session this afternoon as Millie, Katie and Gill arrive in a few days time. Andreas’ father has made the trip down from Sweden and is here for Christmas, while JM and Oli have their families here as well. Suzanne drove up to Normandy in appalling road conditions to take delivery of their furniture, which has arrived from Australia. A skier was killed in the Savoie yesterday in an avalanche and with 20 to 40cm’s forecast tonight accompanied by south-westerly winds gusting to 70kph, it will be heating up around here. It will definitely be ‘handles in’ and take extra care tomorrow!

The ‘Alpine’ team would like to say a big hello to Pat Mitchell, we’re all thinking of you. Also get well soon to Dave Stockill and Mike Leeming.

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