Bravo Margaret and Wils!

23 December 2009

About 20cm’s of snow fell overnight and we were blessed with a stunning light that gave us excellent visibility. We all ended up at the Fornet and enjoyed a brilliant ‘maximum-turn’ type morning. My team had two runs under the Vallon de L’Iseran lift, which were superb before skiing one in the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid. From there we skied the Combe du Geant, the Combe du 3300, followed by the Pays Desert. Olivier and I were side-by-side for the first few runs of the morning and it was nice to ski with him again. Oli was skiing with his family, along with JM’s son Johan, and a family friend, all of whom are having a great holiday. I met Andreas in the Combe du 3300 with his Thai clients, and it seems ages since I’ve seen him on the mountain. Margaret picked up a ‘skier-of-the-morning’ award for skiing beautifully as well as keeping up with a really steady pace all morning long. Bravo Margaret, Lars was impressed! I skied off-piste with my 12-year-old nephew Wils this afternoon, and he skied really well. He was a little worried when he lost his ski in the Borsat but he used his noodle, didn’t panic, and managed to find it before I needed to put on my ‘skins‘ and climb up to help him. Well done Wils! A few centimetres of snow is forecast for tonight with 40kph south-westerly winds, and we’re expecting broken cloud cover with some sunshine in the morning. (Don’t forget to check Jean’s photos of the day)

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