Merry Christmas and 'maximum-turns'

25 December 2009

The rain turned to snow around 3AM and enough snow accumulated to give us a fresh canvas, and not only a clean mountain but 30cm’s in places! It was a fabulous morning of two distinct halves. Before 11 o’clock we were surprised with sunshine and very little wind, and after 11 the lights went out and the wind picked up dramatically. Before 11-bells it was a ‘maximum-turn’ outing with my team skiing a good Face du Bellevarde, three superb Bonnevie drags, one under the Mont Blanc chair, another Bonnvie drag and an excellent Fontaine Froide. Coming back up the Fontaine Froide the wind was ferocious and in our face so went in for a Christmas hot chocolate. After our break we skied a very good Familial but the light was very flat and we needed to feel our way down. While I was cutting a track under the Mont Blanc, 82-year-old-ex-film-producer-playboy-Jacques J followed us in, used my track and passed the entire group then dove in front of me to take first tracks. Cheeky monkey! Chris, Thomas, Henry and Andreas were all in the same sector and everyone had a fantastic Christmas ski. Olivier and Jean Marc were both skiing with there families and they worked their way from Bellevarde to the Arcelle and then Solaise. They were in good spirits when we saw them at the top of Bellevarde and they’ve had a lovely holiday. Suzanne is on her way back from Normandy in poor driving conditions so we wish her luck and hopefully she’ll arrive in time for dinner at Margaret’s. It snowed lightly during the afternoon and a clear night with -10C in town is forecast for this evening, followed by blue sky tomorrow morning. Rock on! Merry Christmas to all and my girls arrive in two days. Yahoo!

PS Sorry Jean for not giving you time to get your camera out. It was too good to stop!

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