A wonderful day finished off with a Hammers victory!

26 December 2009

It wasn’t as sunny as forecast this morning but we still had good light, which was very welcome. We also benefited by the wind dying down and it wasn’t a factor today after blowing us off the mountain yesterday. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and had a fantastic morning. We skied two excellent Combe du Signal from the Pyramid, then the Combe again from the top, followed by a lovely Combe 3300, and then the Pay Desert to finish. (Great photos Jean!)Unfortunately Jean Marc’s wife Maryse hurt her knee ligaments in the Combe on her final day of her holiday. We wish her a speedy and full recovery. Thomas skied a very good Col du Palet in Tignes, followed by a wonderful Chardonnet, while Olivier also skied the Chardonnet with his family before diving over the Col into the Sache, which was good on top but effected by the rain crust further down. Andreas and Tansy finished their 9-day engagement with their lovely Thai clients, and he’ll be back off-piste tomorrow. A cold night without any snow is forecast followed by a sunny morning tomorrow. I finished my painting this afternoon and just in time as I’m picking up the girls in Lyon tomorrow night. And thank-you Margaret for taking care of me and cooking such a superb Christmas dinner last night. Jean’s wife Raya really enjoyed a English Christmas feast and Suzanne made it back just in time after a gruelling drive.

Sports Report- All Hammers fans are breathing a huge sigh of relief after our 2-0 win over Portsmouth, which lifted us out of the bottom three. Man U and Arsenal fans will also be rejoicing as Chelsea drew for the second week in a row. I forgot to mention England’s fine fighting draw against South Africa in last week’s cricket, well done boys!

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