The girls have arrived!

28 December 2009

We were teased this morning with a bright sky but the clouds moved in by the time we arrived on the top of Bellevarde and we had flat-light with falling snow for the rest of the day. Andreas had good skiing in the Chardonnet and his team climbed up to do it twice, while Chris and I skied the Sache. We all warmed up off the Verte and then skied a good Lower Borsat en-route into Tignes. The top of the Sache was a little trickier than we were hoping for but it was the flat-light that made it tougher than it needed to be. Enough fresh snow fell last night to cover the rain-crust, which has been such a problem at lower altitudes over the past week, so we had better snow towards the bottom. Both Red Ray and Tony ‘Lance’ W had a superb ‘park-and-fly’ yesterday, with both men being ejected and flying through the air like Superman! Fortunately both of them were fine and they dusted themselves off and carried on. I picked up the girls last night and we stayed up until 1:30AM decorating the tree and having a chat. It was great to see them and they’re very excited about being here. It snowed all afternoon and they really aren’t too sure about the forecast so we’ll just wait and see. No Sports Report tonight as the Hammers lost and our euphoria didn’t last too long!

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