30cm's and just enough light, but did I hear wedding?

29 December 2009

It was forecast to rain in the village today, which it did this afternoon, but not before we enjoyed a cracking good morning. About 30cm’s fell overnight at altitude and with the sun was peeking through at times we were set up for a surprisingly good ski. Henry, Chris and I took our teams to the Fornet while Andreas had a good ski in Tignes. My team warmed up nicely on the Mattis piste, which had about 5 to 10cm’s on top. From there we followed Chris into the Grand Vallon, then we skied the Combe du Signal, both of which were very good. We then headed upstairs to ski an excellent Combe du 3300, with a brilliant patch of sunshine to light the way. Unfortunately warm weather is forecast over the next few days with the rain/snow limit fluctuating between 1800 and 2100 metres, and not much sunshine. It’s very fatiguing leading the way in flat light day after day, and anytime that ‘light bulb’ appears overhead it is very much appreciated. And now for some fantastic news. That old bachelor Henry has proposed to Ginny and the two of them are planning to tie the knot! They haven’t confirmed a date yet but hopefully it won’t be too far away. Good man Henry!

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