A surprisingly good day!

30 December 2009

After all the rain and warm weather expectations were lower than normal, and as is often the case in these situations, the skiing was much better than anticipated. After spending five of the last six mornings in the Fornet Chris and I skied the Bellevarde sector en route to the Grande Motte for a change of pace. We skied a couple of lovely runs off the Verte and knew then that we were in for a pretty good morning. From there we skied a Bonnevie’s drag, one under the Mont Blanc, a Familial, then a Borsat before heading upstairs to ski the Cairn off the Motte. We ended up in a total white-out and needed to ‘feel’ our way back to civilization, and it’s so nice to arrive back on the piste in those situations. Meanwhile Henry and Andreas were up at the Fornet and I’m sure they too had a great morning. Thomas is on-piste this week with a family so we haven’t seen too much of him lately. Millie is hoping to get out skiing tomorrow afternoon so hopefully the weather will be a little kinder. We seem to have a pattern of some early morning vis until around 11 o’clock followed by some pretty flat-light and snow afterwards. This afternoon the snowflakes were the size of tea saucers and what a sight they were. Talk about a winter wonderland! It’s forecast to be much colder with clear skies overnight, but the overcast skies are due to return in the morning. Let’s hope they get that wrong.

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