How good was that?

31 December 2009

After what seems an eternity of leading in flat-light, which is incredibly wearing after a while, we were blessed with excellent light and a wonderful, wonderful ski this morning. It was a ‘maximum-turn’ session of quality and everyone was extremely pleased with themselves. Andreas, Henry, Chris and I all skied in the same areas with all the groups having ten-out-of-ten skiing around Bellevarde, the Borsat and eventually Tignes. My team warmed-up in great snow off the Verte followed by two superb non-stop Fontaine Froide’s. We then skied off the Verte again en-route to a very pleasing Borsat followed by the lower shots off the piste into Tignes, which were un-skiable yesterday but very good today. From there we skied a stunning Combe du Lanches and after the teams had finished there were four lovely sets of ‘Alpine’ tracks in our wake. After that we all went upstairs to ski a great Cairn before finishing off in the Familial in a white-out. The snow was really good but it made everyone appreciate how lucky we were to not have needed to deal with flat-light all-morning long. Andreas had a tricky moment, which he got himself out of nicely, but I knew exactly how he felt after Chris’ and my adventure yesterday. I took Millie out for her first ski of the season and she found her feet quite quickly, while Ray took care of Katie. Thanks Ray! Meanwhile, Andreas and Chris had off-piste groups and Andreas skied the Borsat from the top with Philip, Tasha, and their friend Trevor. It was a great effort from Trevor, who is fairly new to off-piste skiing. And to top of the last day of 2009, thank-you Penny for a superb drinks party and to Chrissy who spent her afternoon helping Penny prepare such a brilliant selection of taste treats. Absolute class and very much appreciated. Happy New Year to you all and don’t make too many promises that you’ve no intention of keeping!

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