What a start to 2010

01 January 2010

It was -5C in the village this morning and Radio Will wasn’t sounding at his best. The cold night meant the snow would have dried out and be even lighter than yesterday, which was great news. All the teams profited from fantastic skiing and what a start to the New Year! Chris, Henry and I all decided to head towards the brighter skies and chose the Fornet, while Andreas skied Tignes-way. We warmed up off the Laisinant Express in beautiful snow en-route to an excellent shoulder in the Combe du Signal. From there our day became even better as we arrived on the Glacier in sunshine, which stayed with us all-morning long. We started with a Combe du 3300, followed by the Pays Desert, then another Pays Desert from the top after a five-minute ‘skin’. As the clouds started to arrive there was still sunshine on Chris’ team as they ’skinned’ out of the Pays Desert. Andreas had a great ski as well starting with the Borsat from the top, then the Col du Palet, Lower Chardonnet, a superb Sache, and the Familial on the way home. Gill, Millie and I took Katie for her first ski of the season and it was snowing quite heavily on Bellevarde this afternoon. I’m hoping that tonight’s torchlight-parade is cancelled because of the snow otherwise we are all back up the mountain in about half-an-hour. We’ve had good skiing all through the holidays but the last two days have been exceptional so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Tonight’s Torchlight Parade was interesting as we needed to get to the starting point through a white-out in the dark. Jean Marc led the way and once we found the piste it was much better than usual because we had 10cm’s of powder to ski. We then needed to wait for 30 minutes as the organisers weren’t ready and in the end we were all happy to get down in one piece. Beside the risk of injury and not really needing to be up the mountain after a long day, it was quite good fun with JM, Chris, Andreas, Thomas and his girlfriend Muriel, and myself having a few laughs.

The news broke last night that Pat Zimmer has sold Top Ski so it should be interesting to see what develops over the course of the winter. Watch this space!

And sadly, three skiers were killed in an avalanche in Les Arcs today.

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