Bitterly cold but great skiing!

02 January 2010

With the wind-chill factor it was a bitterly cold this morning, probably the coldest we’ve had all season. We were promised sunshine and everyone was pretty confident about breaking into blue skies by the time we arrived at the summit of Bellevarde, and when we didn’t we kept waiting for the clouds to clear off. (It was way too cold to contemplate going to the Fornet) After a warm-up off the Verte it was evident that much of yesterday’s wonderful snow had thickened but it was still good skiing. Chris and I then skied a lovely Lower Borsat before bussing over to the Palafour. We were thinking of the Sache but when we arrived on top the Sache looked very dark and uninviting and we had noticed sunlight towards the Super Cocaine so that was the decider. I needed to cut the trail into the Cocaine so it was ‘handles-in’ and spread-out. We were rewarded with fantastic snow, ambience and visibility and both teams left great tracks. Everyone wanted to ski it again so we braved the long, cold ride back up. The second time we cut another trail higher up giving us access to the furthest slopes, and again the snow was brilliant although the light wasn’t quite as good. The Aero-ski wasn’t running so it took us longer than normal to return to Les Tufs and we were pretty cold by the time we arrived. Andreas and Henry spent some time around Bellevarde before heading up the Motte to ski the Cairn. They too had great skiing as we made the most of a tough morning, tough partly because of the cold weather and partly because the expected blue skies and sunshine never materialised. It was Gideon’s last day of his three-week holiday and we’ll miss him. He has turned himself into an excellent powder skier and he’s still working to improve even further. Bravo Gideon! Gill took Katie and Millie to the nursery slope this afternoon and well done girls for braving the weather. (Must be half-Canadian or something) Cold weather is forecast again for tomorrow but we should see the sun, and that would be bliss! And great photos Jean, merci beaucoup!

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