04 January 2010

It snowed a good 30cm’s overnight without any wind, and we were treated to an outstanding morning of powder skiing of the highest quality. The light was in-and-out and we all had moments in the good light as well as times of flat-light, but the snow made up for any sticky moments. My team started with a one-stop top-to-bottom on Solaise with 20cm’s on a smooth base. From there we skied three Bonnevie Drag’s, a Fontaine Froide, a Lower Borsat and off the piste towards the bottom, a Combe des Lanches from the Cairn, and then a Lower Familial to finish. I had Ryan and his Dad Peter from New Jersey, and the boys had a fabulous time. (They can ski as well!) Chris had the Slater family from Inverness and the boys went to school with TJ’s sons Hamish and Roly. Andreas had David R’s son Jeremy who is just back from winning the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race in his class for the third time in four years. Bravo Jeremy! Gill accompanied me this afternoon as I took Andy and his 16-year-old daughter Ailsa along with his 12-year-old son Hugh off-piste. It’s amazing how many youngsters we’re skiing with these days and what such young people are capable of. My brilliant day was made even better by both Millie and Katie enjoying their first day back at the French school, which was a relief for Gill. The forecast suggests we may have a little sunshine in the morning, which would be welcome.

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