Two sunny days in a row!

06 January 2010

For the first time in five-weeks we enjoyed two days in a row of sunshine! After spending the first sunny day at the Fornet I wanted to show my American’s Peter and Ryan the other end of the resort so we headed towards the Sache. Chris and I skied the Lavachet en-route to Tignes for the first time in ages and it was excellent. From there we skied the big sunny face to the left as you ride up towards the Aiguille Percee, and it too was very good with great ambience. (Check Jean’s photos and you‘d think I could come up with a more technical description than that!) Then it was on to the Sache, which was brilliant, before finishing with a lovely Familial. Andreas skied the Sache and Familial after starting with the Borsat Nord from the top and then the Chardonnet, both of which were fantastic. Thomas skied in the same sector and Henry had a group of Vikings and I’m not too sure where he entertained them. Gill and I took Millie and Katie skiing again this afternoon while Andreas and Ness tested the waters at the new pool. Andreas said it’s a beautiful facility but after an hour they were getting a little cold. Speaking of cold, -17C is forecast in town tonight but we should have some decent light tomorrow before more snowfalls tomorrow night.

Sports Report- Let’s hope the Gunners can win tonight and really make it interesting at the top of the table. I’m also hoping the Hammers can hold on to their main players as January is always a horrible time for the little teams as the big boys circle like vultures picking less fortunate teams apart. C’est la vie but it’s not cricket!

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