What a difference a day makes!

08 January 2010

After several days of stunning skiing the wind blew last night and managed to destroy snow on various expositions. On top of that we had fairly flat-light, which made the skiing even trickier. Chris started with the Lavachet before joining Andreas and I in the Sache after we’d skied the Borsat and bussed over to the Palafour. Thomas and Henry skied around the Col du Palet and all the teams made the most of a tough morning. At least it’s snowing this afternoon so hopefully we’ll have some new snow to play with tomorrow. Chris was quite lucky yesterday when he dropped into the hole as he disappeared from his clients and his backpack cushioned the blow. He was back in business this morning as if nothing happened, the old pro! Wind is forecast for tonight but with the fresh snow we should have something to ski somewhere. Wish us luck!

Belated Sports Report- Bravo England for a brilliantly saved Test against what must be a very frustrated South African team. It was a great performance by Bell and Collingwood, plus the tail-enders. Great stuff!

PS Chrissy wanted me to mention these new socks I found in Guildford. They’re called Bridgedale Cool-Max under socks, to be worn underneath your ski socks. They are very thin and are supposed to generate heat, and I must say my feet have been much, much warmer this season. I suffered last season after having my boots injected and these new socks have made a world of difference.

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