Surprise! Surprise!

10 January 2010

Radio Will announced -8C in town this morning and the sky was grey and overcast, but you could sense a chance of good light at altitude. Just Chris and I were working this morning and we decided to avoid a potentially slow opening at the Fornet and headed towards the better light in Tignes. We arrived at the summit of Bellevarde and my team warmed-up with an excellent non-stop Fontaine Froide. From there we skied some lovely snow off the Verte before skiing a great Borsat followed by the meadows off the edge of the piste towards the bottom. We then skied a good Combe des Lanches and realised that it had snowed more in Val d’Isere than Tignes so we decided to back-track via the Fresse. My teamed climbed up for a couple of minutes to ski a nice little shoulder before skiing the sunny-side of the Borsat down to the Grand Pre en-route to a fantastic Tour du Charvet. It was our first ’Tour’ of the season and it was nice to be out there again as it’s a stunning place with great ambience. We then finished a wonderful ‘maximum-turn’ morning with deep powder on the Marmottes, while Chris headed up to the Fornet as he was skiing all-day with Ian. I ran into Henry who had a ‘love-ski’ as he put it with Ginny, and they’d had a great ski as well in the Grand Vallon and Combe du Signal. The entire resort was surprisingly under blue skies by 10AM, which was totally contrary to the forecast but very well received as you can imagine. Gill and I skied with Millie and Katie again this afternoon and they are now back into the swing of skiing. Poor Andreas came up to do some work for his building business and his car broke down in one of the tunnels and he needed it towed away. Bummer! The sun is forecast to shine for the next couple of days and we should have some wonderful skiing. Stay tuned!

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