Some of the lightest powder you'll ever ski!

11 January 2010

It was -15C last night and the light snow dried out even more giving us a quality that we rarely have the opportunity to ski. Andreas and I started with the Face du Charvet, which was excellent with its usual ambience to go with the great skiing. From there my team skied a nice run off the Mattis en-route to the Fornet where we then skied a wonderful Combe du Signal before skiing an equally brilliant Pays Desert, where the snow was knee-deep but so light you skied through it effortlessly. I had Steve and his 17-year-old son Nick from Australia so we then went over the Col Pers to show them the sights, and didn’t finish until 2 0’clock. It was David and Chrissy’s last morning and what a finish to their month of great skiing! Emmett is back in town and it’s nice to have him and his sense of humour back. Unfortunately Jean R hurt himself on the Mattis piste as his ski came off three times and he kept landing on the same thigh. Gill had a look at it this afternoon and it’s badly bruised and he’ll be out of action for a few days. Bummer Jean, we’ll miss you. Andreas finished up at the Fornet as well and Thomas’ final run was the Face du Charvet after skiing around Bellevarde. Chris was on-piste this morning and I’m not too sure where Henry was skiing. Another cold night followed by another sunny day tomorrow is forecast, with a chance of more snow on Wednesday.

Sports Report- With the Premiership shut down over the weekend I’ve been enjoying the American Football Playoffs, thanks to broadband. It’s fantastic to be able to follow my North American Sports again with video highlights of the football, baseball, ice hockey and basketball. Sorry about the Pats Michael, but Baltimore was always going to be a tough one.

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