Another great day but the weather is changing

12 January 2010

We had another outstanding day after temperatures of -13C overnight followed by clear blue skies this morning. My team started with a good Tour du Charvet through the Couloir du Mont Blanc, before skiing two superb runs in the Pays Desert. It was a pleasure to have Henley back and he had a wonderful morning. Chris enticed his private client off-piste and he spent the morning initiating Malcolm in the Pays Desert, while Thomas was boarding with friends and Henry was busy doing paper work. Andreas ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours to ski fantastic snow top-to-bottom and one of his Norwegians said it was the best skiing he’s ever had. Skoal! Andreas’ team needed to work hard as they dared not traverse the last slope due to the volume of snow and had to hike straight up the ridge. Bravo! Jean R is out of action for a few days and Peter H has been feeling very ill over the past couple of days. He was rushed down to Bourg for tests this afternoon and they eventually found his missing contact had worked its way around his eye-ball. They removed it and he’s feeling much better and is incredibly relieved. He said that the medical attention in Bourg was very impressive and hopefully he’ll be back skiing on Thursday. A little snow is forecast this evening and for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we get a decent amount!

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