Back into the flat-light

13 January 2010

After three days of glorious sunshine it was back to flat-light conditions again this morning, although there was just enough light to navigate fairly comfortably. (You still needed to worry about terrain traps while skiing first however) It snowed about ten cm’s overnight and continued to snow lightly throughout the day so tomorrow should be an easier ski than today, where we felt the base from time-to-time. My team warmed-up off the Verte followed by two lovely Bonnevie’s drags, then a good Borsat and Combe des Lanches, then an excellent run off the Genepy before finishing with a satisfying Familial. The other teams were in and around the same neighbourhood and Andreas threw in a Chardonnet. Colin is here with Derek and skied himself into a ‘skier-of-the-morning’ award, which for a guy who’s been known to enjoy the night-life is jolly good going. Bravo Colin! Millie had her boyfriend over this afternoon so Katie and I made ourselves scarce and sugared-off to the Perdrix for an ice-cream. Yum! Then the girls played in the snow on the terrace for nearly two-hours, which makes a certain Canadian very happy. The forecast isn’t looking great visibility-wise for tomorrow but I have a feeling the sun will make an appearance. It has now snowed enough to make a difference and we should see some great skiing tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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