Back in business!

15 January 2010

We were treated to an absolutely stunning ski today. It started off murky and grey but the forecast promised for the clouds to lift during the morning, and Radio Will was true to his word. The light was wonderful early on with a low cloud level and our first fun of the morning was in flattish light before the blue skies appeared. Andreas has been entertaining some Vikings this week and he ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup for an outstanding ski before finishing off with a run in the Arcelle, while the rest of us headed towards Tignes. My team opened with a very good Lavachet followed by an excellent run in the sunny bowl (big slope on the left as you ride the Aiguille Percee chair) before diving into the Sache, which was equally good. We finished off a great morning with a lovely little Familial before Gill and I had lunch on our terrace. She’s been busy trying to Skype her sister and parents with the camera pointed at the blue skies and sunshine. (you didn’t know she had a cruel streak in her did you?) Thomas, Henry and Chris all had brilliant mornings as well and everyone was lapping up the sunshine, which has been a little scare of late. More good weather is forecast over the next few days so bring it on!

Gorge Update- There was one death as reported in the gorge late yesterday afternoon. A husband and wife from Paris entered the gorge and he was knocked over by a small sluff and fell into the river. He was found over an-hour later and the rescue team consisted of 20 Pisteurs, 4 Gendarmes, 2 dogs, a scuba diver and 2 helicopters. His body was placed in the Chapel and she was taken to hospital with severe shock. No wonder the Pisteurs look worried when tourist pile over the gorge when it is living up to its name. What a very sad and unnecessary accident!

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