Bravo Bonne Sante!

17 January 2010

About twenty centimetres of fresh snow fell overnight accompanied by a punchy north-westerly wind. Chris and I were the only ones skiing this morning and although thankful for the new snow it was a tough ski on the visibility front. It was snowing and blowing and at times the light was flat enough to be disorientating, which is never comfortable, but we managed a pretty good morning. We skied off the Verte, the Mont Blanc, the Fontaine Froide, the Borsat, the Genepy (off the Motte) and the Familial to finish. It started to clear right around 1PM just as we were finishing, but fortunately it stayed cloudy enough so that not too much will have been tracked-out this afternoon. Andreas had a nice day with his family and Gill and I took the girls tobogganing this afternoon, while Chris spent the afternoon teaching Adrian’s fiancée Charlotte to ski. Derek will be back skiing tomorrow after some excellent physio from Ginny (Henry’s fiancée) at Bonne Sante, which is great news as we were a little worried about him yesterday. Clearer skies and cold temperatures are forecast this evening so we should have a great day tomorrow. And finally, well done West Ham for a big point away against a very good Villa side.

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