Death in the Grand Vallon

18 January 2010

It was -13C last night and the cold temperatures dried out the snow giving us outstanding conditions this morning. The sun was out in full-force and we took advantage of the perfect visibility. Andreas headed up to the Fornet and had great skiing in the Combe du Signal, followed by the Grand Vallon before opening the Col Pers. Remy was well pleased and had a huge smile on his face when I saw him on the bus. Chris and I were the first into the Tour du Charvet, which was very good with lovely ambience including some Chamois. From there my team skied the Super L, a run off the Laisinant, then two great runs in the Combe du Signal before finishing with a lovely Combe du 3300 from the top of the T-Bar. Meanwhile, Chris followed Andreas over the Col Pers to finish his morning. Derek put in a good performance while nursing his knee and was very pleased with himself. Steve has had a wonderful week after a five-year layoff and he’s featured often in Jean’s photos this week. Bravo Steve! I skied with Katie’s class this afternoon and Katie cried, “I want my Daddy” all afternoon. She’ll be put in another class tomorrow as her school teacher says it happens every time a parent is taking a group. Bummer! Another sunny day is forecast tomorrow before some more snow on Wednesday. Yahoo!

Tragedy in the Grand Vallon- There was a huge slab avalanche in the Grand Vallon late this afternoon, which claimed the life of a 35-year-old Swedish man. He was skiing with the UCPA in a guided group of eight on a notoriously dangerous slope. Details are still a little sketchy so I’ll report again tomorrow when the situation is clearer.

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