Great skiing and a top-value studio for sale!

20 January 2010

The forecasted doom and gloom never arrived this morning and we enjoyed a bonus morning of sunshine along with great snow. My team skied off the Verte en-route to the Lavachet before skiing the Cocaine Sud twice, and then the Familial to Finish. Thomas and Chris were in the same neighbourhood and Thomas skied the Sachette. Henry skied up at the Fornet with an initiation group and they too had an excellent morning before the clouds covered the skies around 12:30. I had a moment of excitement in the Lavachet as I kicked-out a nice little soft-slab. I’d made about six-turns and decided I didn’t like the look of the slope in front of me so I cut left away from the potential trouble for about 20-metres and stopped. A moment later, off to my right (good thing I diverged left) a narrow isolated slab about 15-metres wide let go and slid off through the trees. It wasn’t deep but it was swift and totally silent and a good reminder about staying awake and not taking anything for granted. After a wonderful morning I spent the afternoon at the new Oxygene Swimming Pool with Millie and Katie and they had a fantastic time. Andreas was ill today with some sort of dreaded ‘lurgy’ but hopefully he’ll be feeling better for tomorrow. It started snowing around 5PM and twenty-centimetres or so are forecast this evening. Fingers crossed for some vis tomorrow!

Dan and Denise are selling a lovely little 25 sq. metre studio in Les Clarines. They are some of the roomiest and nicest studios in town and great value for those interested in getting a foot-in-the-door in Val d’Isere. I’ll post details on the News Page.

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