Well done Chris and Gill!

21 January 2010

After a nice little snowfall of between ten and fifteen centimetres the skies cleared around mid-night and we had another beautiful sunny day. (I know it was around then because Ian N was sneaking home from the bar) The entire team headed to the Fornet for a change of pace and we all had some great skiing. My team skied a good warm-up off the Laisinant before skiing a fantastic run on the shoulder in the Combe du Signal. From there we skied an excellent variation in the Combe du 3300 before finishing with a very good Col Pers. Thomas started with a Grand Vallon before coming upstairs and Andreas and Chris skied in the Pays Desert before coming over the Col. Andreas was feeling much better today and looked like a new man when I saw him around 3:30 this afternoon. I had the school children again this afternoon while Chris had Katie’s group (nine of them) and only Gill to help him. Well done you two as I know it wasn’t easy! (I had five with two Mums to help, which was a piece-of-cake compared to what Chris had to deal with) A similar day is forecast for tomorrow and after such a stretch of flat-light skiing no one is going to complain about being able to see. Rumour has it we’ll see some more snow over the weekend so tomorrow’s sun will be appreciated.

Sports Report-A good win for the Gunners last night is making things interesting at the top of the table, while Hammers fans are happy to see Bolton lose while rejoicing about the takeover.

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