Wow! What a reward for our efforts!

23 January 2010

The sun shone again today and with the resort being pretty much trashed it was time to go for a walk. It was Mark’s first-ever ‘skin’ and what an introduction as we were rewarded for our efforts with a stunning ski over the Col des Fours. Andreas and Chris’ teams skied the Col as well and the snow was excellent top-to-bottom. From there we ‘skinned’ up over the next little Col and the snow quality there was the best I‘ve ever skied on those slopes. The snow can often be slightly ‘touched’ by the wind but today it was truly outstanding. It was Chris E’s first trip to the Col des Fours and it was a wonderful finish to a great week for Harry and Ian N. Thomas had an intro group this morning and he found perfect snow for his team around Bellevarde and the Familial. This afternoon Gill and I took Millie and Katie for a lovely ski and I must say they have both improved quite noticeably with the week of ski school. Katie is up and skiing much faster now so it’s much more fun for everyone involved. The weather is changing with the dreaded Foehn forecast for Monday but hopefully we’ll have some decent light tomorrow before the grey skies return. Fingers crossed!

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