Unexpected sunshine and another lovely morning with great snow.

24 January 2010

We enjoyed a bonus morning of sunshine as the forecasted cloud cover never arrived. Just Chris and I were working today and we both went up to the Fornet where Chris’ team ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers and had a great ski. Meanwhile my team had very good skiing way out in the Pays Desert followed by an excellent Tour de Lechoir. Duncan brought along his friends Mike and Nick, and with a little coaching from Jean and Adrian they were leaving some pretty decent tracks by the end of the morning. I spent the afternoon at the skating rink trying to hold up Millie and Katie while I was wobbling about myself. I haven’t skated in twenty-five years and the rental skates, which are rubbish, certainly didn’t help. Anyway, the girls loved it and we finished without doing ourselves any damage. Flat-light is still forecast for tomorrow but it was nice to have another lovely day today.

Sports Report- What a great result for Stoke. If someone can knock-off Chelsea there won’t be any big teams left in the FA Cup and it will be a massive opportunity for some of the smaller clubs. And the Murray v Nadal match at the Australian Open should be a cracker!

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