A morning of top quality and unforecasted visibility!

25 January 2010

We awoke to grey skies with light snow falling, all of which added up to a morning of flat-light and low expectations. Chris, Henry and I decided to head to the Fornet while Andreas and Thomas started off from Bellevarde. As soon as Chris and I arrived at the cable car there were signs of the clouds breaking up and sure enough by the time we arrived on the Glacier the visibility had improved dramatically, and it was game on. We ’skinned’ to the Glacier Pers and had a wonderful ski in lovely snow while Henry skied the Pays Desert and Col Pers. Thomas had great snow as well on Mont Roup and Andreas had a little ‘skin’ on the Borsat West before skiing the Chardonnet and Cocaine. It was another unexpectedly good day when the early indications were that of a potential ’stinker’, and results on these types of mornings are always satisfying. Light snow with a little sun from time-to-time are forecast for tomorrow, so who knows, we’ll just wait and see! (Jean R had the morning off so there won’t be any photos today)

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