Blue sky, fantastic snow and great ambience!

26 January 2010

Radio Val reported -11C this morning but the sky was blue and we had another fabulous morning, both weather-wise and on the skiing front. Chris and I ‘skinned’ up to the Crete du Genepy, where there wasn’t a track in sight and we had a great ski with lovely snow and wonderful views. Sandy picked up a ‘skier-of-the-morning’ award in Chris’ group while Scott was ‘skinning’ for the first time. I had Dan with me who was filming the morning as he and his wife Denise are making a film about over-50’s keeping in shape and still being able to do the things they did in their youth. Dan filmed Jean (68) doing his thing in the powder as well as walking uphill to get it. ( Only Nick, David and Gill didn’t qualify for filming, lucky them! ) Meanwhile, Henry was ‘skinning’ up Mont Roup while Thomas and Andreas were hiking up to the stunning Glacier Pers. All the groups enjoyed excellent snow with brilliant sunshine, which always brings a smile to everyone involved. The clouds rolled in this afternoon in time for Millie’s school ski race, which Gill and I watched. I skied down trying to get a photo of Millie but she spotted me and it ruined her concentration as she kept looking at me instead of watching the course in front of her. I thought for a moment that she was going to start waving at me. Bless her! Depending on which forecast you believe, we could get anything from one to ten centimetres tonight, with the sun returning tomorrow morning.

Thanks for some great photos today Jean!

Sports Report- I have had another wonderful day but what would really top it all off would be a Hammers victory tonight against Portsmouth. Hopefully the feel-good factor around Upton Park will help inspire the boys to three-points, which would take us to the heady heights of 14 place in the table. Come on you Hammers! (Well done Andy Murray for knocking off Nadal. A maiden Grand Slam is now within his grasp, although his toughest matches are still to come.)

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