Brilliant sunshine again but the weather is changing.

27 January 2010

We enjoyed perhaps our last sunny morning for awhile as grey skies are forecast and we took full advantage of today’s stunning weather. The resort is pretty tracked-out but we’re still managing to ski clean virgin snow and today was no exception. Chris and I had an excellent morning of bits-and-pieces starting with a little five-minute walk of the Mont Blanc piste. From there my team skied way out in the Borsat Nord where we found a nice strip en-route to the Grande Motte. We had a good ski off the Leisse before ‘skinning’ up to the Borsat West, which was very good indeed. From there we skied some fantastic snow in the bowl off the Fresse before finishing with a good Familial. I must say that I’ve never seen Stuart-the-Sea-Captain ski so well has he has over the past two-weeks, and his smile has been huge as he congratulates himself in Les Tufs each lunchtime. Well done Stuart! Hound-Dog has been skiing very well and would make TJ proud as he’s still on his X-Mountains. (TJ and Hound-Dog are a proud but dying breed, bless them!) Adrian H as also been skiing really well and he’s traded his X-Mountains in for a skinny pair of Movements, which he’s loved. It’s also nice to see Charlie and Caroline back after a couple of years out having twins. Bravo! Back to the skiing, Thomas’ team ’skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy this morning for great skiing and solitude and I haven’t a clue what Andreas skied today. Gill and I had a cracking ski with Millie and Katie this afternoon and both of them are really coming on now. A couple of grey days are forecast with a chance of a few centimetres so we’ll wait and see what we get tomorrow.

PS Chris took Hound-Dog’s wife Alison out for her first-ever off-piste experience this afternoon, and she coped brilliantly with the Tour du Charvet. Well done Alison and we hope it’s the first of many. Bravo!

Sports Report- How about the sheer class of Roger Federer! No other player in the history of tennis has made it to more than 10 consecutive Grand Slam Semi-Finals (last four), and Roger will now play in his 23rd straight Semi. It shows how consistent he has been for so long, and why his the finest player of all-time. Pure incomparable class! ( I shouldn’t even mention the Hammers in the same breath as Roger, but good point last night)

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