Pizza galore and Happy Birthday!

29 January 2010

It was cloudy and windy again today, which made conditions fairly tough, but we managed a good morning anyway. Chris and I headed up to the Crete du Genepy and found some nicely protected snow and moments of decent visibility, and it made for a good morning of adventure. Andreas and Thomas started off towards Mont Roup but I think they may have changed their minds and I’m not sure where they ended up. It started to snow lightly this afternoon and it intensified early evening so hopefully we could see fifteen to twenty centimetres by morning, maybe more. (We’re expecting minus-15C at 2000m’s and minus-20C at 3000m’s tonight, and those temperatures may slow down the rate of snowfall.) Strong northerly winds are also forecast and with the wind-chill factor we could be in for a bitter day tomorrow. The snow is to continue lightly throughout the day tomorrow so we’re not expecting great visibility, but still, we’ve a fresh canvas and we’ll deal with the cold, the light and unfortunately the wind.

Happy Birthday to Chris and Gill’s Dad Fred. Gill left at 6AM to return to England for her Dad’s dinner this evening. Meanwhile, Millie, Katie, Ray and I treated ourselves to pizza and ice-cream at the Perdrix. I’m stuffed as I ate mine plus some of Millie’s and Katie’s, so I’m off to bed. A demain!

PS Nice photos Jean and good one of David L.

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