A cracking good finish for Stuart, Dave and Sandy!

30 January 2010

A morning that was looking potentially tough because of cold temperatures, flat-light-light and a nasty north-westerly wind, turned out to be quite pleasant with some excellent snow. Chris started off on the Face du Bellevarde with Hound-Dog, Stuart and Sandy on their last day of a great two weeks, and skied 15cm’s on the piste. From there he worked his way back to Solaise and eventually the Mattis. They stopped early as the team were on a tight schedule for getting out of town. Chris then skied the afternoon with Tim and Gill (they’ve skied all-week with JC) and they’ve done very well and seen some great places. Tim had a pretty big ‘head-plant’ today but he got up and dusted himself off and kept going. Well-done Tim! Andreas and I started up Bellevarde and skied three terrific Bonnevie’s Drags before skiing some lovely snow on the piste from the Mont Blanc Chair. We then skied the Fontaine Froide en-route the Epaule du Charvet before finishing off with a Super L. All in all it was pretty jolly good morning as we managed to stay out of the wind, skied protected snow, and had moments with a ‘light-bulb’ above us, which helped to light the way. There were some big slides today, one on the front of the Borsat, one in the Combe du Signal, and one with skiers involved on the Banane. The victim who was totally unequipped and had no idea where he was, was incredibly lucky to have not been killed. Details are still sketchy so we may have some more news tomorrow. Another cold day is in store tomorrow but we should have much better visibility.

I’ve put Jean Marc and Olivier’s trip to Val Devero on the Touring page and you can also find it on their personal site, complete with some fantastic photos. It sounds as if they had a wonderful time so log-on and read their touring news! There is a direct link to their site at the very bottom of the Touring page, which says ‘world’. I’ll ask Chris to put a link to JM and Oli on the Links page as well, as it isn’t obvious at the moment.

Sports Report- Another point for the Hammers today, which is always better than losing, and I’m pleased that they keep picking up points, but we need a three-pointer, and soon. On the tennis front, tomorrow’s Final between Federer and Murray should be incredible with so much at stake. Murray has the chance to make history and perhaps launch himself towards greatness, but he must overcome the genius and class of Roger. How sweet would it be for him to win his first Slam against the finest player ever? I’m personally pulling for Federer but I wouldn’t begrudge Murray his moment if he can pull it off.

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