Great ambience and really good skiing in the Tour du Charvet.

31 January 2010

Fortunately the sun appeared, and although it was cold the visibility more than made up for it. Just Thomas and I were on the mountain today as Andreas was off in Italy with Tansy buying a new car while Chris was enjoying a well-deserved day-off. Thomas and I both started off the front of the Borsat and were surprised to find how thick the snow was, even in the lee. I bucked-up after splatting on my first turn and we realised that it wasn’t going to be as easy a morning as we were hoping for. From there I skied the Tour du Charvet, which was excellent considering the wind we’ve endured over the past 48-hours, and Richard H, Penny, Ray, Jean and Charlotta did the business. We then skied two pretty good runs on the Arcelle before skiing down the Solaise piste to finish a really good morning. It was cold again but we stayed in the sun most of the time, which made a huge difference as when we popped into the shade the contrast was quite dramatic. With Gill still being in England Ray took Millie skiing while I skied with Katie and we all met up for a hot-chocolate. Katie has become a proper little skier in the past couple of days and she’s really good fun. Thanks Ray for helping and he had a great blast with Millie. Thanks also to Dan and Denise who entertained them, bathed them and dried their hair tonight. (They’ve been a bit spoilt since their Mum has been away.) Dan showed me his video that he took a few days back when we ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy, and he has some great footage, which will be of interest to all who were aboard that day. Thanks Dan! Chris and I are skiing with Katie and her classmates again tomorrow and Tuesday, so hopefully it will warm up a little although another cold day with intermittent cloud cover is forecast. Could be worse!

Sports Report- The first thing a I did when I returned home from skiing was to log-on to the tennis result. Although I’m a massive fan of Roger I really thought Murray had an excellent chance of beating him and I was quite surprised that Federer could turn him over in three sets. Part of me felt sorry for Murray but his time is just around the corner as Roger can’t keep up this pace up for much longer. Can he? And all you United fans will be pleased with yourselves for embarrassing the Gunners on their home turf and keeping the pressure on Chelsea. Just when you think Man U are fading they come up with a stunning performance but it’s still a three-horse race, which should be entertaining right down to the final weekend of the season. As for the bottom of the table, I try not to think about it too much!

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