The Super Cocaine comes through again!

01 February 2010

Radio Val reported -24C in La Daille this morning at 8AM, so we knew a chilly one was in store. We knew that the cold would help to lighten-up some of the stiffer snow (and believe me there are some patches of thick stuff about) so we all headed towards the sunny slopes in Tignes. I skied piste to get there and had two great runs on the Cocaine Sud, before a nice little shot off the Aiguille Rouge and a stiffer but good Familial to finish. Chris was in the same neighbourhood and Andreas arrived after skiing the Chardonnet. I’ve never skied the Cocaine so often during a season as this year, and it’s been brilliant every time we’ve needed it. Thomas had a private and started off with the Tour du Charvet with thoughts of heading towards the Arcelle, but I haven’t heard where he ended up. (Henry was also in action but I haven’t heard a report) Katie’s afternoon skiing with the school was cancelled due to the frigid temperatures so Chris and I had the afternoon off, which I spent ironing, hoovering and basically tidying up our mess that we made while Gill was away. She arrives tonight and should be surprised with our tidy little home. Another cold day with some sunshine is forecast for tomorrow and we could see 20cm’s of snow Thursday night and during Friday. Fingers crossed on that one!

PS There won’t be any new photos today as Jean took the morning off.

Sports Report- The Hammers are talking to Harry and there’s a chance of Robbie Keane making a last-minute move to West Ham. That would be stunning news and a season-saving transaction, as long as it’s a cash-only deal and we don’t have to give anyone up in return. Chris and Matt (and the rest of you United ticket holders) will be rocking and rolling after your win against Arsenal. Well done and I feel obliged to congratulate you all as we love to give you stick when you lose. Besides, most of you are jolly sympathetic to the plight of my Hammers!

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