Brilliant snow on Mont Roup!

02 February 2010

It was a balmy -18C this morning with clear blue skies. Chris and I decided to ‘skin’ to Mont Roup, partly to be in the sun and stay warm but also thinking there was some great snow to be had. Sure enough, Mont Roup delivered again and we enjoyed some wonderful snow and excellent skiing. It was nice to have Pippa back after a few years away, with her husband Karl, and Nick was ‘skinning’ for his first time. Thomas skied the Chardonnet before skiing ‘Toothy-Rock’ off the Aiguille Percee, while Andreas was heading towards Couloir #3 off the Motte. Andreas has been struggling with some sort of flu over the past few days and he’s done well to make it to work. Hang in there Andreas and hope you feel better soon. The clouds slowly moved in and light snow started to fall around 2:30PM but were not really expecting any proper snow until Thursday night when we’ve a chance of 20cm’s or so. That would help as the last snowfall took a pasting from the wind and although there is some fantastic snow here and there, there is also tough snow in equal measure. (Most of the good stuff has been tracked as you can imagine) Unfortunately Katie’s skiing was cancelled again this afternoon, which was surprising as it wasn’t that cold so Chris and I had an unexpected afternoon off. TJ arrives on the weekend with two of his four children. Roly and Oscar are making the trip and it will be great to see them all again. TJ is planning on staying until March 6th or there about and the boys are here for two weeks. Although light snow is falling at the moment (4 o’clock) sunshine is forecast for tomorrow morning.

PS I forgot to mention that Radio Val reported a missing person this morning and while traversing from the Borsat en-route to Mont Roup there were a couple of Gendarmes (Mountain Division) searching avalanche rubble. There was also a helicopter flying around studying potential areas to search. I said that he’ll show up after a night out while Chris, with his dry sense of humour said, “He’s in the gorge”. I’ll keep you posted.

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