Missing skier found alive!

03 February 2010

It was much warmer this morning, to the tune of only -5C at 8AM, which was a welcome change. It was cloudy but we were promised by Radio Val that the skies would clear fairly quickly and we were expecting sunshine by mid-morning. Unfortunately it didn’t clear until this afternoon so we all had to get on with it and everyone had a good morning. Thomas skied around the Charvet while Andreas skied the ‘Tour’ into the Couloir du Mont Blanc followed by the Couloir des Pisteurs. Andreas said the wind was around 100kph on the ridge and he almost turned around but was afraid of someone getting blown off. Meanwhile Chris and I skied a very good Sachette and added a little ten-minute ‘skin’ to get some lovely snow towards the bottom. Gill and I took Millie and Katie out this afternoon but the wind was ferocious and we ended up just skiing top-to-bottom and going home. It was Katie’s first-time to the bottom and she’s doing really well. Thomas and Chris both had off-piste afternoons and skied the Tour du Charvet. I’m not too sure what tomorrow morning will bring but light snow is forecast for the afternoon before getting heavier during the night and into Friday morning. Stay tuned!

Lost Skier- The search yesterday by helicopter found the missing 26-year-old skier who had been touring near the Sana by himself when he became lost as the afternoon clouds rolled in. He dug himself a snow-hole and survived the night with temperatures between -20 and -25C, but he suffered severe frost-bite and lost some fingers and toes. Ouch! Still, he’s miraculously alive to tell his tale.

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