A surprisingly good morning at the Fornet!

04 February 2010

After yesterday’s howling, and I mean howling winds, we weren’t too sure about how much ski-able snow would be still laying around, but we were hoping for the best. The really good news was that the skies were clear and having visibility was going to be a huge bonus and make whatever we found much easier. Thomas, Chris and I all headed to the Fornet for a change of scenery as we’ve been avoiding that sector since last week’s wind-storms, and it was a bit of a brave move after yesterday. Anyway, it turned out to be a cracking good morning skiing some powder combined with strips of lovely creamy snow. My team skied the Combe du Signal, a quick one off the Col, a nice variation on the sunny slopes above the Combe du 3300, an equally satisfying Pays Desert, and a surprisingly good Col Pers to finish. Thomas skied similar runs to my team while Chris ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers. Andreas had a private with Sharon and they worked on some technique before ‘skinning’ under the Borsat West as she’s preparing for a tour later in the season. It was forecast to close-in early afternoon but the clouds held off for Katie’s skiing with the school this afternoon, which is great as she’s had two sessions cancelled this week due to the cold weather. I forgot to mention that is was much warmer this morning and so nice that Gill and I ate lunch on our terrace. What a contrast to what seems like ages of cold temperatures! It should snow about 10cm’s overnight with another 10cm’s tomorrow, but if we’re lucky we could see twice that much.

PS I may look totally different tomorrow as my wife is threatening to borrow some clippers and give me an -at-home-haircut. She’s never cut hair in her life so I’m a little worried and wish the gorgeous Helen would turn up. Wish me luck!

PSS Now I’m really worried as Gill’s just tried to trim my eye-brows with the clippers on my electric razor and slipped, taking half an eye-brow in the process. You don’t want to hear the word,“oops” when someone has something sharp or buzzing in their hand.

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