Another potential 'stinker' avoided.

05 February 2010

We didn’t receive any snow in the village overnight and the morning started with grey skies, which were forecast to thicken as the morning progressed. It was blowing at altitude and the morning was looking like it might be a tough one, but a few centimetres of fresh snow above 2300m’s gave us hope. Instead of a difficult morning (it was difficult visibility-wise) the snow was really pretty agreeable and everyone enjoyed a good morning. Thomas and I were in the same neighbourhood and we skied off the Verte, the Borsat, the Combe des Lanches, the Col du Palet, then I skied the Col des Ves while Thomas skied the Lower Chardonnet, then we both finished with the Familial. I picked up the ‘splat du jour’ award for an ugly ‘park-and-fly’, and it was the worst fall I’ve had in at least five-years. It was a reminder of how dangerous skiing first in white-outs can be and it shook me up to say the least. Meanwhile Andreas skied the Borsat from the top followed by the Chardonnet before skiing off the Motte and finishing with the Familial, and as for Chris, I didn’t hear from him all morning. We could see anywhere from 30 to 50cm’s of snow during the afternoon and through the night ahead so a fresh canvas is in store for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t become too much of a factor.

I had a day reprieve as Gill couldn’t get the clippers yesterday, but she’s just come home with them and Millie and Katie are looking forward to playing ‘hair-dressers’ this afternoon.

PS Gill chickened out after three or four passes with the clippers and phoned the hair-dressers. Boy, that was close!

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