A glorious morning marred by injury!

06 February 2010

What a stunning morning of high-quality skiing! Between 20 and 30cm’s fell overnight and what a wonderful surprise it was to have unexpected sunshine as well. It was a ‘maximum-turn’ type of morning and Chris, Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet. My team skied three excellent Lower Combe du Signal’s, followed by a superb Combe du 3300, then a fantastic Pays Desert, which took us up to about 12:15. Then the clouds arrived and light snow started to fall, meaning the perfect visibility was now reduced to flattish-light. To finish the morning Andreas and I decided to ski the Grand Vallon as the light was deteriorating and after a good ski with only a few hundred metres to go Jean fell into a hole and dislocated his shoulder. Jean managed to get to his feet and we traversed across to the Pisteurs Hut where they organised an ambulance to pick him up at the bottom of the Fornet Cable Car. As you can imagine it soured a fabulous morning and it could be six-weeks or more before Jean can ski again. I must say that Jean is incredibly tough as I’ve never witnessed someone handle a dislocation so calmly. (Jean even managed to post today’s photos) We’re all very sorry to see Jean injured and we’ll miss his company and his great photos. Good luck Jean! My gorgeous little Katie brightened up my afternoon as she skied brilliantly during two top-to-bottom’s at La Daille in falling snow. Well done Katie! John and Margaret returned this morning for their first ski in 5-weeks and they had a wonderful time and stopped after the Pays Desert, missing the last run. Very sensible too! A few centimetres of snow are forecast this evening with good visibility again tomorrow, so we should have another brilliant morning.

Sports Report- With Jean’s injury and the Hammers defeat I’m not in the mood for a report this evening.

PS TJ, Oscar, Roly and Clive all arrive in town tonight!

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