TJ's back in business!

07 February 2010

The sun was out in full-force this morning and spirits were high at the Gourmandine. TJ arrived for coffee with Roly and Oscar and it was great to see them all. TJ looked to be in pretty good shape, Roly must be around six-foot-three and still growing and Oscar is also a good size for his age. TJ skied with his boys along with Roddy Finlay (of Finlay’s fame) and his son, and they headed up to the Fornet for a great morning. Andreas and I both started with an excellent Face du Charvet before joining TJ at the Fornet, where my team skied a very good shoulder in the Combe du Signal, followed by lovely variation of the Combe du 3300, then a fantastic Pays Desert into ‘Margaret’s Gully’. Andreas skied similar runs with Jeremy and Sasha but finished by going over the Col Pers. It was another brilliant morning and all that was missing was Jean, who would have loved it. Gill and I took the girls out again this afternoon and Katie is amazing me with her progress. She has improved enormously in a week and just gets stronger and faster each day. (Those were the days) Another sunny day is forecast again for tomorrow, which isn’t hard to take, especially after my crash and what happened to Jean, so it’s nice to re-group in the sunshine. Stay-tuned!

Sports Report- What a great finish between Wales and England yesterday. The English try at the end was fantastic and well needed as the Welsh were piling on the pressure. TJ and his boys will be at Les Tufs watching Ecosse vs. France, and Jean will also be glued to it as well.

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