Cloudless for Clive!

08 February 2010

We enjoyed another beautiful sunny day, but unfortunately it might be our last for three or four days. Everyone took full advantage of the conditions and Clive especially savoured the visibility and skied his way to a ‘skier-of-the-morning’ award. Well done Clive and it was great to have you back! My team warmed-up off the Verte then skied an excellent Lavachet, which was so good we continued to the bottom and ‘skinned’ back out. From there we skied a very good Cocaine Sud followed by a superb Familial to finish. Chris and Thomas also skied the Lavachet before heading to the Sachette, which was fantastic. I think TJ was also skiing Tignes-way but his radio didn’t charge properly and we couldn’t stay in touch. Meanwhile Andreas took Jeremy and Sasha down to ski a brilliant Foglietta in Ste. Foy, which finished off their four-day weekend in style. Thanks to Dr. Laura for a wonderful meal last night, even if I felt a little rough this morning! (My fault totally) Jean is recovering from his accident on Saturday and feels he’s way ahead of schedule compared to when he last dislocated it twenty-years-or-so ago. Fortunately he has his grand-children here to help keep him company and we’ll see him tomorrow night for dinner. As mentioned the forecast isn’t great for tomorrow. We might get a few centimetres of snow but we’re expecting flat-light without the benefit of enough fresh snow to make a difference.

PS Good luck Henry with your presentation tonight! Henry is speaking at the Salle des Congress in French at an event sponsored by the Village.

Sports Report- The Super Bowl was played last night and I was very pleased for the New Orleans Saints, who beat the heavily favoured Colts 31-17.

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