Fantastic skiing before being swamped in a white-out!

10 February 2010

Like yesterday the morning started off grey and fairly uninspiring but there were gaps in the cloud cover at altitude and we ended up with decent light for most of the morning. Most of us started off in the Borsat, my team from the middle entrance while JC and Andreas came in from the top, and we had some good skiing. From there we headed to the Sachette and it was both Adam and Ed’s first trip back-side. We were lucky to have excellent visibility with great snow and ambience until the last third when the cloud level rose quickly and we were left in a white-out. We felt our way down then skied piste back to Les Tufs as the entire resort seemed to be in a fog. Gill and I took Millie and Katie out this afternoon to meet Gill’s cousin Anna and her family, and the girls just skied away in the flat-light and never complained. Good girls! More of the same is forecast for tomorrow but we should have a decent amount of new snow to play with as it’s snowed all afternoon and it looks as if it will continue. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- It’s crunch-time for the Hammers as they have a massive match at home against Birmingham tonight. A win would take us to 14th place but a loss would leave us in the relegation zone with a run of tough games ahead. Come on boys!

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