Cold again but no wind and stunning sunshine!

12 February 2010

Radio Val (and not Will unfortunately as he’s moved to Mexico) announced minus-19C at La Daille this morning, but the sun was shining and yesterday’s wind had died down, making for a very pleasant morning. TJ along with Roly, Oscar and my team, headed to the Sachette via the Lavachet and had great skiing. Since we ended up in a white-out a few days ago I wanted Adam and Ed to see what they missed visually, which is always stunning, and we enjoyed lovely snow as well. Meanwhile Andreas and Chris returned to the Fornet where Andreas skied ‘classic’ and Chris ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers. Millie had a tummy-bug yesterday afternoon and missed school today but she’s made a good recovery and will be ready for her two-week holiday, which starts this afternoon. Wils and Rosie arrive tomorrow for a week and Gill’s Mum is also coming out for a few days so it should be a good ‘family social’ with excellent meals and loads of skiing. Roly and Oscar return to Scotland tomorrow morning after a fantastic week with their Dad, and it was great to see them. Another sunny but cold day is forecast for tomorrow and we should have several sunny days in a row.

PS Thomas was down in Ste Foy skiing the Foglietta today and he’s shown his private group some fantastic skiing this week. Well done Thomas!

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