Wonderful views and good snow!

13 February 2010

It was -13C this morning at 8AM and the sky was a deep blue and forecast to stay that way all-day long. I was the only one working today and chose a 40-minute ‘skin’ up towards the Crete du Genepy. It was Adam’s last morning of his first-ever off-piste week and I wanted to take him to a sector he hadn’t yet seen and the Crete offers stunning views, warmth from the sun, and very good snow. Franz, who has skied with Chris most of the week, was also completing his first week and both Franz and Adam skied incredibly well. Bravo boys! TJ followed us up and then went on to ski Mont Roup on a training session, while Andreas and Henry went to Ste Foy on a reconnaissance mission. Gill and I took the girls out this afternoon and Katie (not yet four-and-a-half) skied from the top of Bellevarde down to Tommeuses via the ‘Gulley‘, then down the piste ’H’ to Val Claret, then up the Funiculaire and down the Genepy, and then up Les Tufs and on to La Daille to finish. Good girl! More sun is in the forecast but we could use some snow soon, especially with the half-term week coming up.

PS Thanks TJ for an excellent evening at Jean Sports last night.

Sports Report- It’s nice to have the weekend off to relax and enjoy Wednesday night’s victory as the Hammers don’t play until Tuesday night. It is however a big weekend of Six-Nations Rugby and France vs. Ireland is just about to kick-off. Enjoy the match Jean!

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