St. Valentine's Day and I remembered!

14 February 2010

For the second consecutive day Radio Val reported -13C in front of the Tourist Office at 8AM. It felt a little colder first thing as the Foehn wind was a little stronger than yesterday, but it was still a beautiful and pleasant day. I was the only one off-piste this morning and after the Verte warm-up we walked up the Borsat to traverse over to the ridge between the Borsat Nord and Ouest. I haven’t skied there in years and we had good ambience managed some soft clean snow. Penny, Gideon, Charlotta and I then skied off the Leisse before ‘skinning’ up to the Little Borsat West, then we finished with the Bowl of the Fresse on the way home. TJ and Chris were on-piste with families while Thomas, Andreas and Henry had the morning off. A similar day is forecast again for and we may see a few flakes mid-week.

Sports Report- England won’t have frightened anyone with their performance against Italy in the Six-Nations match this afternoon. Still, they’re wins and no losses with no harm done. It’s great watching the highlights of the Olympics with the Canadian flag blowing and hearing the anthem. Oh Canada!

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