Another great morning out of nothing!

17 February 2010

It was forecast to be on the gloomy side today but fortunately it was brighter than expected and we had another jolly good morning. Chris was back off-piste and after a warm-up off the Verte we skied an excellent Alti-port en-route to the Lavachet followed by an equally good Sachette. TJ also skied the Sachette and we all finished with another Alti-port back into the Familial. It was a very pleasant morning, especially when ‘potential stinker’ entered our thoughts and we’ve had some great skiing of late without too many options. Bravo boys! Thomas and Andreas are still on-piste but I saw Thomas this afternoon ready to do some tele-marking. Thomas is very good on his tele’s so if you’re interested or know people looking for tele-mark sessions, Thomas is your man! After two-months of pretty cold temperatures ranging from -11C to -20 each morning, it was a bit of a shock to walk out of the apartment into +2C. The Foehn wind is forecast to continue and we might get a few flakes tonight, which would be welcome. Stay tuned!

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