An unexpectedly great morning at the Fornet!

18 February 2010

At 7:00AM the sky was clear and it looked as if we were in for blue skies and perfect visibility, but by the time we arrived at the Gourmandine it was overcast. TJ, Chris and I headed to the Fornet hoping to ‘sniff’ out some decent snow and we were rewarded with an excellent morning of soft-snow skiing. TJ skied the top of the Pays desert before cutting out and going over the Col to ‘skin’ up the Glacier Pers, where the Browne family enjoyed some lovely skiing. Chris went out wide in the Pays Desert before ‘skinning’ to access the last slopes, which were fantastic. My team hiked up for a couple of minutes then skied between the Combe du 3300 and the Pays Desert, which I haven’t skied for years and we had good snow and ambience. We then skied the top of the Pays Desert before joining Chris over the Col for a very pleasant Col Pers, which was good all the way to the bottom. Although it was overcast we had enough light to make the most of the morning and it was another very satisfying outing. I’ve had Chris B and his son Mikka along the past couple of days and they’ve done incredibly well for a couple of blokes who don’t normally surface until 10:30AM. Well done boys! Derek’s son Gregor had a scare yesterday and was carted off by the Pisteurs to the Medical Centre, but he ended up with a cast on his wrist and was back skiing again this morning. Good man Gregor! Gill and Katie picked up Gill’s Mum Liz this morning and Liz is here visiting for four days. Gideon and I had a great afternoon working on technique as Gideon is taking his skiing seriously and making big strides in the right direction. TJ threw a ‘haggis’ evening at Jean Sports tonight, thank-you TJ although I missed it due to entertaining Liz. Clouds are forecast for tomorrow with 10 to 20 cm’s of snow but after a stunning afternoon of sunshine I wouldn’t bet against a sunny day tomorrow.

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