A pretty good morning in tough conditions!

19 February 2010

It wasn’t the best morning of the season, but it wasn’t the worst either. We dealt with flat-light, wind and only a few centimetres of fresh snow for a cushion, and the entire team made the most of the day and found good skiing. After feeling the snow off the Verte we knew that the dreaded ‘stinker’ was going to be avoided and we then skied the Borsat en-route to Tignes. From there we skied the Combe des Lanches, the Col des Ves, the Col du Palet, and the Familial to finish. (Andreas threw in a Chardonnet into his mix.) We covered a lot of ground considering the lack of visibility and the ‘light bulb’ appeared just in time for the last run of the morning on our way to lunch. Just when it looked as if it would turn into a sunny afternoon it came back in and snowed lightly all-afternoon, with up to 30cm’s forecast for this evening. Fingers crossed on that one but we already have that fresh canvas we needed so badly. I spent the afternoon in the pool with Millie and Katie while TJ and Andreas were braving the elements off-piste. Well done boys! TJ’s ‘haggis’ evening was unfortunately cancelled last night as the concierge somehow managed to throw out TJ’s haggis. Bummer! Log-on for more news tomorrow.

Sports Report- It’s been great watching bits and pieces of the Olympics and I was very impressed with the Chinese pairs in the figure skating and really enjoyed the Woman’s Downhill where the American girl Vonn was outstanding in winning the Gold. The Swedish girl who fell after losing control on the final jump where she flew 60-metres in the air before crashing bounced back to win a Medal in the combined the next day. What a performance as she must have been black-and-blue after her horrific fall! As far as the Hammers go, we’ve a massive game tomorrow at home against Hull and three-points would make all us suffering West Ham fans rest more easily over the weekend. Come on boys!

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