Fantastic skiing in atmospheric conditions!

20 February 2010

At the Gourmandine it looked as if the skies were clearing and we were half-expecting a sunny day, but the clouds rolled in fairly quickly except for the Pissaillas Glacier, which fortunately managed to stay in the sun most of the morning. TJ, Chris, and my team headed to the Fornet where Chris and I opened up with the Grand Vallon in very atmospheric light. From there my team skied the Combe du 3300 in sunshine, followed by a sunny Pays Desert. Then the clouds rose to the level of the glacier but they moved in-and-out giving us good light for our final Pays Desert. TJ and Chris skied similar runs while Andreas skied the Face du Charvet and Super L en-route to joining us on the Pissaillas. TJ skied with Derek and his children Heather and Gregor, and they left superb ‘Alpine’ tracks, leaving Derek a proud Daddy. Well done kids! It was pretty cold today with the wind-chill factor but sunshine is expected for tomorrow.

Sports Report- Hammers 3 – Hull 0, yahoo!!!! A massive three points and a great performance taking us to the heady heights of 13th-place. Arsenal won to keep themselves close and with Man U losing 3-1 to Everton, Chelsea’s 2-0 win takes them 4-points clear at the top of the table. And Oh Canada as the Canadians are picking up some Medals!

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