What a corker!

22 February 2010

The first surprise this morning was the blue sky, and with it was a nice 5 to 10 cm’s that made all the difference. It turned out to be another ‘maximum-turn’ morning that was all the more special because no one was expecting such great conditions. My team warm-up off the Verte before skiing a lovely Borsat, and it was there that we realised that last night’s snow was going to be a big factor. After the Borsat we skied a very good Chardonnet followed by an excellent Sachette before finishing with a nice Familial. Andreas was in the same neighbourhood with John D, who has come on leaps and bounds and it really enjoying himself. It was a perfect welcome to Tony N and Mark, and a great last day for Chrissy who’s returning tomorrow as David has been unwell. Thomas skied the Borsat West in terrific conditions before skiing Couloir #3 off the Motte/Balme, while Chris ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours with Suzanne and TJ skied around the Borsat (front and back-side) before heading to Tignes with his initiation group. Henry skied for a couple of hours to get some fresh air as he’s been in bed under-the-weather the past few days, and he’s feeling much better but still weak. I must get in touch with Richard F to find out how he is after yesterday’s tumble. He returned to England immediately afterward so I hope no news is good news. I had a good left-over supper with TJ tonight as Gill is taking her Mum down to Lyon then picking up her friend Nikki. TJ’s cousin Vicky arrives in a couple of days to stay with TJ, and it will be nice for TJ to have some company in the evenings. (Long gone are the days when we circulated around town, never short of someone to have a drink and chat to. Our beauty sleeps have become a necessity). We may get between 5 to 15 cm’s tonight with more snow forecast during the morning, which is all good news although a little visibility would be appreciated. Stay tuned!

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