Saved by the 'light bulb'!

23 February 2010

We were teased first thing with the possibility of some sunshine but it clouded over rapidly and by 9:30 it had started to snow. TJ, Andreas and I headed up towards the Fornet hoping for better light and were rewarded with a ‘light bulb’ above us and really good visibility for most of the morning. On top of the good light we had a surprising amount of new snow, ranging between 10 and 20 cm’s, and it was another excellent morning. My team warmed-up off the Mattis, followed by an very good run on the shoulder in the Combe du Signal. From there we skied a decent Combe du 3300 followed by a fantastic Pays Desert and then an even better Col Pers to finish. The light was really very good until around 11 o’clock when the clouds thickened but just when Andreas and I were deciding to go over the Col or not, the visibility improved drastically lighting our way to a wonderful finish. I had a new client Peter C on tele-marks this morning, and he was very impressive and capable of keeping the track all-morning long. Bravo Peter! It was also nice to have Ruth back with us again and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Chris skied in Tignes with enough light and had some great skiing in the Sache. Millie and Katie skied in the falling snow this afternoon along with Gill and her friend Niki, and it’s great to see them out in all conditions. It snowed all-day long and as I write at 4:30PM the flakes are still falling so we’ll have a fresh canvas and some lovely skiing to look forward to. I’m not however, looking forward to the Man U vs. West Ham match tonight. But you never know!

PS At 5PM the flakes are huge and with all the goblet on most slopes we’ll be in for a delicate time if it continues to snow. Stay tuned!

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